Union is Transient, Separation is Constant

Posted on November 9, 2007
Union is Transient, Separation is Constant - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

:Shree Hari:

Karthik Krishna Amaavasya, Vikram Samvat 2064, Shukravar

Union Vs Separation

There is one thing that man alone can do ! Renounce the unreal. You just have to renounce what you know as unreal – you will attain knowledge, you will understand love, you will realise God. There is one general complaint that most people have – my mind does not get attached (attracted) to God. I ask you – of what species is your mind? It belongs to prakriti. You are a part of God and the mind is a part of prakriti (Gita 15:7). Being part of the same species, it is naturally attracted to prakriti (the world). You are trying to put your mind and intellect towards God, when they are not part of God. You are a part of God. You put yourself towards God. You have to be inclined towards God.

Existence and Non-Existence

I will tell you a very vital point. Do you ever experience your non-existence? You know the existence and non existence of your mind, intellect, senses, wealth, property, etc. but you always exist. In deep sleep also you exist. You know that ‘you knew nothing’. You know that you had a good night’s sleep. So you always exist.

Now think – whatever you are united with at present will separate in the future. Whatever you have received will separate. It was separate from you and will separate in the future. The union is only for a short period of time. The union is transient and the separation is constant. You are actually separate from it. The wealth that you have at present was not with you before and will not remain with you. Its separation from you is constant. So know this fact from the beginning and you will not feel sad when something or someone goes. Do you feel sad when the day ends and night comes? No. Because you know that the day will go.

Similarly, accept that whatever you have will have to go some day. Till they are with you, utilize them. Serve them. By serving them our attachment to them is broken. The attachment is strengthened by taking pleasure from them. Serving them helps you renounce their attachment. What does not stay, what will not stay – is unreal. Know it as unreal and renounce your attachment with it. If you cannot even renounce what you know as unreal – what will you be able to renounce? The problem is that you want to keep what will not stay. That is why we get pain. All things will go one day. Leave them (their attachment) before they leave you. Only man has the discrimination to do this. Serve all with your total ability.

Q. What do you mean by staying separate from the world?
A. Do not take pleasure from it. Do not expect anything from it. Serve it. Do not expect it to stay.

Q. If my mind is not inclined towards God, how can I get inclined?
A. This question is not appropriate – think about it. Does your mind get married or do you get married? Does your mind get adopted or do you get adopted? Do you become a disciple or does your mind become a disciple? If you get inclined towards God, your mind will naturally follow. Change your ego – I am only God’s and only God is mine. Only God will remain. Love Him.

Ram Ram

Per request by a Sadhak
From discourse in Hindi by Swami Ramsukhdasji

Ram Ram

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