What is Happiness? Definition of Happiness

Posted on July 7, 2008
What is Happiness? Definition of Happiness - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

What is happiness? Where can we find one. Is it in the sense of attachment or detachment. What is its importance in our life. Are we at mercy of someone for happiness. Can we control how much of happiness can we have as and when we want it.

I just tried to find answer to ‘What is happiness, definition of happiness‘ by looking the word ‘Happiness’ in Wordweb, a computer based dictionary and all that they display happily for happiness is

  • 1. Happiness is a noun(good for school kids)
  • 2. Happiness is a “State of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy”. This is the definition I won’t like to describe my state of happiness. I’m happy and this is a great feeling, which isn’t common and the reason for this too has a deep rooted meaning and this dictionary says its simply an emotion, a feeling which doesn’t carry much weight in today’s age. Feelings and emotions come and go. If a person is moody or insane he can get this emotion every now and then. So, for me this definition must carry more weight to define happiness in today’s world.
  • 3. Happiness is “Emotions experienced when in a state of well-being”, this is again a repetition of above definition but with a reduction of words.

This is all that dictionary has to say about happiness in its concrete words.


Definition of Happiness : Is Happiness


  1. A feeling of contentment :This form of happiness is a glass full of water. A feeling of happiness which has been proved a number of times with a number of achievements. Now, there is no more exam to face, at last it has been decided that I can be happy as I deserve happiness. Look at my achievements, I’m content.
  2. A feeling of Satisfaction :I’m happy because I’m satisfied, there is no other reason for this happiness. Neither do I have any achievements nor do the energy or talent to get some. I’m best suited for this shortcut called satisfaction to happiness. Will our ego which to has grown manifold with age, allow us to be happy and satisfied. We are surrounded with material attracting achievement and achievers. Today this form of happiness is very difficult and rare. Those who have every reason to be happy too are not allowed to stop here, either they are forced by there ego or circumstances to be unsatisfied and unhappy.
  3. A state of Bliss :Modern bliss is a temporary state of happiness. This too is available at a price, on some places. This is temporary because the motive isn’t bliss or happiness but its drived by a feeling of getting the best of what is available.
  4. A state of intense joy : Intense joy is also a temporary because its not joy but intense joy. Some moments of intense happiness.

Research on Happiness

  • Research says that 50% of one’s sadness depends on one’s genes, which means that 50% of happiness depends on our genes.
  • One fifth (1/5) of our happiness depends on our socioeconomic status, marital status, health, income, and others factors.
The question ‘What is happiness?‘ is still unresolved, wiki has something to add to happiness but we’ll continue the discussion here at philosophyinlife.info.