What Is The Meaning of The Life

Posted on January 19, 2011
What Is The Meaning of The Life - Philosophy of Happiness in Life

In Search of Life and Its Meaning

What is the meaning of the life, why do we exist, what is the purpose are philosophical questions that often come to my mind every now and then. A question which has no definite answer or a question which can have several answers depending on our current circumstances, our background, personality and thinking.

There are so many things that life consists of and meaning of life often changes from time to time. A change in its meaning can be noticed whenever we we move from one phase of life to another, when we cross one barrier of life to reach another, our age and changing priorities seems to be responsible. Things that we want now or something that we may love now are often very different from what they used to be some time back.

So, one thing seems to be clear that life is a phenomena, a variable with ever changing values.

Why Sometimes Life Seems Meaningless

Our life can look meaningless at some point of life on one or more occasions, when we loose sight of our objectives, our goals, when we find that there is nothing new that we have to do. We do not find enough motivations which can keep us attracted to life.

Stagnation at any point in our life can make it seemingly meaningless. Stagnation or stillness doesn’t represent life and this happens when we reach a point where we see nothing new happening or challenging for us, we lose our interest in life and we feel as if life is tasteless, meaningless.

A stage where life looses its meaning can be reached when we have reached almost everywhere we wanted to take our self i.e., a highly successful profile. It can also mean that after reaching a most endeavored goal successfully, we find that it is not fascinating or we discover something which we least expected to be here.

A feeling of meaninglessness can also be felt in-between two tasks when we manage to complete one and another task is yet not decided or there are still no plans to start another task.

When we have nothing to do due to any reason (which can also mean laziness) we feel mentally exhausted and life seems meaningless to us.

What Is the meaning of the life ….. to be continued in …. next post about “How to make a meaningful life“.