Where Can We Find Happiness?

Posted on April 21, 2009
Where Can We Find Happiness? - Philosophy of Happiness in Life
Where Can We find Happiness in LifeIn Search of Happiness

How do we find happiness and where? There is no definite place where one can find happiness. There is no single abode for happiness either its available to everyone everywhere or for someone it is nowhere. Its strange but its true. Anyway, we are not supposed to consider negative things here as this is not the right place for such discussions. Negative things leads to negative realizations in life and positive things to positive realization. We can think of this world as good or bad (although both are true) but in reality what we get is what we sought.

There are so many ways to find happiness. A child can find happiness in a dress, a terrorist can find happiness in explosives and explosions. So, it is you who decides where can you find similarity between happiness and an activity (or happiness without any activity). I will like to list some common places and instances of happiness in our day to day life. A happiness that frequently strikes our vision, the most common philosophy of happiness.

Common instances of Happiness
  • A writer can find happiness in his/her writings. 
  • A reader can find happiness in books/magazines/periodicals. 
  • A lover can find happiness in dating his/her love. 
  • A webmaster can find happiness in successful maintenance of web services. 
  • A teenager can find happiness in his/her looks. 
  • An internet marketer can find happiness in growing sales. 
  • A husband/wife can find happiness in company of his/her spouse. 
  • A job seeker can find happiness in a job. 
  • A forex trader can find happiness in profitable forex trades. 
  • A philosopher can find happiness in his/her philosophy. 
  • An actor can find happiness in acting. 
  • A girl can find happiness in her beauty and fitness. 
  • A blogger can find happiness in his/her blog posts, comments, visitors. 
  • An artist can find happiness in art. 
  • A model can find happiness in cat walks. 
  • An animal can find happiness in food. 
  • An astronomer can find happiness in searching a new star/planet. 
  • Parents can find happiness in child. 
  • A teacher can find happiness in students. 
  • A newspaper in its circulations. 
  • A press release in reach. 
  • An athlete in sports. 
  • An adulterated adult in porn. 
  • A sick person in wellness.

These are some common places and instances of finding happiness, although it is not everlasting or permanent as its time bound and action bound. The moment that action is over or that situation changes this feeling vanishes. It can be there for a day or hour or some seconds and absconds the very next moment.

Supported Happiness

The type of happiness that we just saw above is not an absolute happiness. I call it supported happiness, as it is only available when there is an external support, the moment this support is lost, we loose that feeling immediately.

Supported happiness is also responsible for mood swings to some extent, the day we can’t find a reason to smile, our mood hits back. This supported happiness isn’t a real happiness but its virtual. Its just a glimpse of what actually exists, it only provides us with a shade of happiness.

Today we all live with it and that is all we expect in our day to day life because we actually not aware of any other type of happiness which can last forever, which exists without a support. Read more in a related post Everything in Universe Strives for Inertness – A Ceaseless Stage Called Happiness.